Museum seeks Consultant for researching new work space options

Tiverton Museum has secured an Association of Independent Museum’s Hallmarks Award, for a project ‘Developing new income streams’. There are two parts of this project:

  • Options appraisal for the creation of workspaces on the museum site which would generate income for the museum (this contract)
  • Exploring the market for, and developing, children’s birthday parties and celebration events for older people at the museum (separate contract).

Workspace Options tender involves: 

An experienced consultant is required to undertake relevant research and to provide an options appraisal for the creation of workspaces on the museum site. The final report will provide the museum with clear targets and recommendations for developing workspaces on site.

The museum occupies a large site in Tiverton town centre which can allow some space to be used as lettable workspaces (workshop, studio or office lettings, or to create a hot desking space). Thinking more creatively about the space that the museum occupies, and how it can be used to maximum effect is a core element of our future plans. The museum is open to whatever the research reveals will be the most productive form of workspace letting. Obviously, creating workshop spaces for craftspeople which links to our collections would be an ideal scenario, but we are equally open to creating office or hot desking spaces if that is what is needed for the local market, and will therefore bring in a reliable income.

Creating an ongoing income stream that would be relatively easy to maintain once it is in place would greatly assist with our financial resilience. The creation of these new spaces will be a major component in our capital redevelopment plans (which we are committed to implement even if redevelopment plans are unsuccessful). This work will mean that we can ensure that future investment into these plans is well spent and will be income generating.

The consultant will conduct the following tasks:

  • To define the letting options to consider.
  • To research and analyse the local market for these options, including relevant consultation with possible tenants, users, letting agents and the local authority.
  • To undertake an options appraisal for these options.
  • To identify potential clients (eg craftspeople or others)
  • To provide a written report identifying clear targets and recommendations for developing the most productive form of workspace letting to generate reliable income for the museum (taking account of the building’s listed status, and any impact that this would have on the museum’s business rates etc)
  • The recommendations of this report will be incorporated within the redevelopment plans. 

Fee: £5,040 including VAT and all expenses including travel.

The full tender brief and information on the application process can be found here.

Closing date for applications is end of the working day 19/03/2019. Should the shortlisting panel wish to undertake interviews, these will take place between 02/04/2019 - 06/04/2019. The work should ideally begin by 23/04/2019. The report should be presented to the museum by 30/06/2019.

Please email applications to Pippa Griffith, Director at For an informal chat please contact Pippa on 01884 256295.


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