Authers Gallery

Tivvy Bumper steam engine

Dominating the gallery is our largest object, the former Great Western Railway locomotive No. 1442 a.k.a. The Tivvy Bumper.


The Exe Valley line closed in October 1963, but the 'Bumper' line from Tiverton Station to Tiverton Junction continued until 5  October 1964 and freight continued until 5 June 1967.

Loco 1442 moved to Exeter from Oxford, and after the branch closure it was used temporarily on the Yeovil and Seaton branch trains before withdrawal in May 1965. Loco 1442 was then bought by Viscount Amory. After 1442 had been bought and undergone some restoration, the engine worked a train of invited "guest passengers" to Tiverton - which was the last passenger train to Tiverton at the original station in October 1965.   

There are three others of this type at work in Britain, but being static, this is the only one which is easily accessible to members of the public, both young and old!

Surrounding the locomotive is a large display of railway memorabilia. Most of it is local and covers every aspect of the railways except rolling stock. Complementing the transport theme are sections on the Grand Western Canal and road transport.

Mini car and bicycles on display

The main features of the latter display are an old turnpike gate and a Mini. Bicycles, an early petrol pump and a display about the local origins of the rubber cycle patch can also be found in this gallery.